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Thank you for visiting the Partners Fine Art website.

There are many wonderful artists and sculptors just waiting to be discovered, and at Partners Fine Art we have two simple aims:

- To promote the work of the many artists who deserve better recognition
- To make original works of art available to everyone

At Partners Fine Art we choose our artists carefully, working with those we know well and whose talents deserve a wider audience. We keep our costs low by showing the work of our artists only on-line. Prices for an original work start at just £150, and Partners Fine Art always has unique work available to suit every budget.

Partners Fine Art offers:

- Original works of art
- Drawings, paintings and sculptures
- Limited edition prints
- Prices to suit every budget
- Different contemporary styles and types of work

Please browse the work shown on our website. If you see a piece you are interested in, please contact us and we will send you detailed photographs.

Renoir said: "I have a predilection for painting that lends joyousness to a wall". At Partners Fine Art, we offer you the chance to own works of art that will bring you a sense of that joyousness.