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Roger Pitcher

Born in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Method realised and completed first paintings.

Exhibits SVA Open Studios, Gloucestershire


1) One ‘Abandoned’ painting per month.
2) Limited and reducing pallet, giving work direction and a promise of resolution.
3) Small size. Makes painting iconic. Sacred painting.
4) Simplest composition. Two rectangular fields over a ground divided by a horizon.
5) Use fingers to apply paint.
6) Oil on paper.


1) Genesis
2) Bede
3) Kotusti
4) Wittgenstein
5) Bohr
6) Mondrian
7) Rothko
8) Albers
9) Phillips (terminal greys)


My paintings are feeling backwards from a rigid abstract formalism, towards a connection to the ‘Northern Romantic tradition’, especially the gloomy Dutch land and seascapes.