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Andrew Allanson

Born in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Attended Wakefield School of Art studying Fine Art; painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and art history.

Attended Swindon College of Art studying graphic design, 3D design, photography and illustration.

Worked in advertising, as a graphic designer and illustraror focussing on national and international brand name accounts. Employed many illustration techniques, particularly airbrush work, creating original illustrations and photo retouching.

1990 - 2003
A move to new technology and electronic imaging methods lead to more involvement in photography, digital imaging and retouching. Andrew has been running his own photography and illustration business creating striking images for advertising, using digital manipulation techniques.

In recent years a desire to get back to 'real' painting has become a passion, using traditional materials and techniques, often working in oil or acrylic on canvas. Andrew is greatly influenced by the effects of light and atmosphere. Colour naturally plays an important part in his work which often demonstrates a strong sense of design in the way they are composed. He employs a wide range of painting methods and techniques, and often adjusts his working 'style' to suit the mood and atmosphere of a particular subject or scene.

Andrew enjoys painting landscapes, from local scenes around his home in north Wiltshire, to more distant locations, particularly Norway, Italy and France.

His work has been shown at the following galleries:

The Thin Dog Gallery, Cirencester

The Red Rag Gallery, Stow-on-the-Wold

The D'Arcy Gallery, Cheltenham

The Fowey River Gallery

Whistlers Gallery, Lechlade